Best Baby Movement Monitors

Any new parent would be quick to learn that a baby needs to be heard that much louder than any other child in the house. However, buying baby movement monitors are a must-have baby product for all, providing the extra assurance that everything is OK, even if you’re not in the room to check. Baby movement monitors are basically the all-knowing, ever-present eyes and ears that parents everywhere want. It’s like having your own doctor at your beck and call at all times. What could be better than that?

One of the best places to find good reviews on these baby gadgets is on the Internet. Use Google to search for reviews by independent professionals such as those at Amazon and Baby Trend. Read through the reviews and see which products are getting good ratings from users. Once you’ve read some reviews, narrow them down to two or three wireless devices that you think might be good choices for your family. Then you can begin looking at various retailers such as Sears, JCPenney, Wal-Mart, Babies R Us, Best Buy and Target to compare prices and brands.

One way to save big money when buying a baby monitor is to buy an off-brand model. These are basically generic baby monitor products without the expensive price tag. The good thing about buying these is that the quality is just the same as the more expensive ones, just at a lower price. There are some good brands of these baby wearable monitors to choose from such as Littmann, Omron and Philips. You will just have to make sure that you buy from a trusted brand name and check their customer reviews first.

If you think you’ll need more than one baby monitor, consider buying two-way talk and audio monitors. These products are great if you have more than one child or live in an apartment with a second story. A two-way talk and audio monitor will allow two people (or persons) to talk simultaneously on the same frequency and can be used as a baby alarm, baby monitor or monitored home alarm.

Another option is to buy two-way wireless wristband monitors. They are much easier to use than the traditional one-way audio monitors. Some of these wristbands offer up to three-way communication with a baby. With this kind of communication, the mom or dad can talk to their child while they’re walking around with the child. For those who want even more security, a two-way monitor offers the ability to turn the device on only when the child is within proximity of the band.

Consider purchasing a baby monitors online. This way you can save time shopping. Simply conduct a search for baby monitors and see what comes up. Also consider using the features offered by online retailers to compare prices. Many online stores offer specials and sales that may include discounts on various baby monitors and related products. Also, many retailers offer money-saving offers like free shipping when you purchase certain items.

If you opt for wireless video monitors, make sure the unit is compatible with your wireless network. Also check to see if it has a password protection feature. Most video monitors come with the ability to control cameras remotely. This feature could come in handy if you want to keep an eye on the baby while she’s playing in another room. With this video monitoring capability, you’ll be able to see what’s going on with your child while you aren’t at home. Other wireless baby monitors offer night vision and can detect motion at night.

There are also several portable baby monitors available. Some are simply hand held units that you place in your baby’s cot or in your car seat. Others are small video monitors that can be worn on your wrist. They are completely wireless and are perfect for diaper changes or when traveling.

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